About Us
Human Resource Management Consultants International (HRMCi) is an indigenous company duly registered to offer specialized services such as:


Helping businesses deliver outstanding results and promoting integrity in the workplace.


To become a Partner of choice to businesses in Nigeria, in their efforts at building best in class corporate institutions.

Events across the world have shown the need for organizations across the Nation to take early steps aimed at reviewing employee contribution, so as to enable them cope better with the prevailing economic situation. The case of government owned organizations is particularly important based on the fact that they need to deliver on some set goals and objectives. Investigation conducted in recent time coupled with various reports, show that the level of employee engagement has not encouraged early realization of such goals and objectives due to low performance when results are compared with set targets.

In many cases, the low performance is traceable to insider abuses or sharp practices which have encouraged workplace corruption especially in the area of contract awards and procurement of items.

We in Human Resource Management Consultants International (HRMCi) believe that better engagement of employees and a re-ordering of organization purpose will go a long way in helping the Public/Private Sector achieve their objectives as well as improve the relationship between them and their customers/stakeholders.

We are also aware of the fact that the survival of a modern business is in part dependent on the amount of collaborative efforts they engage in. consequently, we provide services tailored at helping organizations to realize their set goals & objectives through well positioned employee base.

Our company is set up not only to deliver results but also to promote integrity in the workplace.