THE FORGOTTEN ONES is a poem written by Mr Charles O. Olorunda.

I was Persuaded to write this Poem “THE FORGOTTEN ONES” Not by my cheer WILL of Heart
But by circumstances which brought even my bones close to nature.
In a World where Man’s inhumanity to Man pervades every inch of the land
A World where many Children suffer neglect in the midst of plenty
A World where many had taken occupation of their graves before the appointed time
A World where the Society has turned deaf ear to the songs of the nightingale
A World where the Society has detached itself from nature but seek only evil
My visit to this Family, I will vividly remember where I witnessed the plight
of yet another unfortunate Child. so sad!
A Mother, She had not due to the fate that befell her at birth
But the cruelty unleashed on her by the Father and Step Mother I cannot fathom
Kept away from other Children of her age, she lived her lonely life in agony
Her fragile frame tells the story of a Child deprived of food and basic essentials of life
Her history told me she had her last meal twenty-four hours earlier
A witness also had me told, that she stole whenever she could and drank the milk meant for the dogs
Made to do all the odd jobs in the house, she offered only one prayer always
That the time will soon come when nature will take her to meet her mother.
She kept date with fate three weeks later, with sores all over her body and
a decaying wrist, which she bound together with rag to save the bones that were dropping away. I am so happy she is resting with her mother now.


Mr. Charles O. Olorunda

HRM Consultants International

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